To empower and inspire beautiful individuals of any race or gender by demonstrating how powerful you can feel by just popping on a great pair of lashes, is why MNQE Beauty was created. 

I have been a long time lover of false strip lashes and for a while I was quite dissatisfied with what the market had to offer in this industry. I found that lashes from Priceline or Chemist Warehouse were priced quite highly for something that was not bold enough for my liking. If I wanted fluffy mink lashes, I had to pay that high price or wait for that 2 months shipping time (IYKYK), I also found that myself and many other people had trouble finding lashes that suited their eyes and not many brands offered a thorough guide on how to choose your perfect style. 

Thus, after 4 years of being a false lash wearer myself, I have decided to launch my own line of false mink lashes that suit any eye shape and makeup look. My very first collection of mink lashes showcases 12 ‘Classic’ styles that are categorised by being; ‘Natural’, ‘Glam’ or ‘Dramatic’. I also have created the MNQE Beauty Eye Shape Guide & Lash Quiz to help you identify your eye shape and which lash styles would suit them best! 

I also understand that there are many other lash brands on the market and you are probably thinking, “what makes MNQE Beauty so special?”, I have worked hard on my brand and aim to deliver only the best to MNQE Beauty's dear supporters. I am here to help you choose your signature lash style at a fair price.

MNQE Beauty is more than just a brand that sells lashes, it is a brand that hopes to grow a strong community of lash and beauty lovers that just so happens to sell lashes! Thank you so much for taking the time to getting to know MNQE Beauty and I hope you fall in love with what my brand has to offer and become a lifelong member of my MB family.


-  Monique Nguyen