Collection Naked
Family Natural
Type Rounded
Volume Light
For Eye Shapes

Almond, Hooded, Downturned,

Deep Set, Prominent, Wide Set

Length 9mm (inner) - 10mm (centre) - 9mm (outer)
Band Clear flexi band

20 - 25 wears with proper care

Our 'Naked Collection' features 6 natural & unique lash styles that cater to each and every eye shape and makeup look. Unlike our ‘Classic Collection’ and ‘Faux Mink Collection’, the ‘Naked Collection’ lashes are luxury falsies that apply weightlessly & seamlessly due to a clear flexi band. Made of faux mink hairs that closely mimic real mink fibres as well as an undetectable band, our ‘Naked Collection’ is perfect for beauties who want to achieve a natural lash look or find their perfect everyday lash. 

The new casing for our ‘Naked Collection’ features a magnetic drawer styled case with a clear window to showcase the lashes. Also keeping with the “naked” theme, the colours of our new collection is nude & white as well as the names of our 6 lash styles being different shades of nude.

Disclaimer: All casing images display the lash style 'NL06 - MOCHA'.

MNQE Beauty's lashes are all hand-crafted, made of the highest quality and packaged in a stunningly designed yet simple & sleek case. The case features a magnetic open & close with a transparent window to showcase the lashes. The case is more than just packaging, you will be able to use it not only as a lash carry-case in your purse, but also to carry other small items as it is sturdy & versatile. 

To get 25-30 wears out of each pair of lashes, please ensure you follow these steps!

  1. Removing the lashes; When removing your lashes after wear, please be gentle and remove from the inner corner outwards. Your eyes are delicate, it is more gentle to remove from inner corner to outer corner.
  2. Removing the adhesive; Please remove the lash adhesive that is left on the lash band after they have been worn. The adhesive is best removed gently with a pair of tweezers. If there is any makeup left on the the lashes, using a makeup micellar water or eye makeup remover and gently rubbing the makeup off is best.
  3. Storing the lashes; To store your lashes, please place them back in the original MNQE BEAUTY casing. Please ensure they are placed correctly to maintain the natural curved shape.



  • Please do not wear the lashes to sleep.
  • Mascara/ water-proof mascara is not recommended when wearing these lashes.
  • When cleaning, soaking the lashes in water or makeup remover may ruin the shape of the lash.


  • If the black band still has glue residue, it is recommended to apply black liquid liner across the band to keep it looking fresh!

Step 1: Align band with natural lash line & trim excess if needed.

Step 2: Apply MNQE BEAUTY lash adhesive to lash band, wait 15 seconds for adhesive to get tacky.

Step 3: Place the lash in the centre of your natural lashes, using MNQE BEAUTY lash applicator, push the inner side of strip lash in place followed by outer.

Step 4: Press lashes against natural lashes. All done!

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